Landing sceptical clients; SAAS on the blockchain with Kyle Tut

Ryan is joined by the co-founder and CEO of NFT-based SaaS product Pinata, Kyle Tut. Kyle has a background in blockchain development and was previously the operations chief at RaceNote where he was responsible for developing management processes for products.

Kyle talks to Ryan about his journey into a technical space as a non-technical founder and his step-by-step approach to this. Kyle also gives some good tips on how to create and nurture relationships built on trust and respect with an audience/client base that is more complicated and sceptical than the average.


  • The majority of Pinata’s revenue comes from developers who use and develop their API into their product in marketplaces
  • Content marketing is one of the key ways that Pinata markets to its clients, providing value and conversation around their solution as well as other important aspects of the market.
  • Building relationships with developers is different to usual businesspeople and consumers. You have to give more time and information to build increased trust and respect.
  • Kyle always knew he wanted to build his own company. He loves storytelling and providing value.
  • Kyle became interested in the NFT and Crypto space due to the technology and its development. The monetary value and financials surrounding it is simply an added bonus for him.
  • As a non-tech person, Kyle knew he needed to gain some education around tech so started attending hack-a-thons. He then established and nurtured good relationships with tech-savvy guys leading to eventually meeting his co-founder.
  • Meeting technical people as a non-tech individual can be a barrier, but Kyle says you simply need to go where technical people are and build and nurture mutually valuable relationships with them.
  • An option for Kyle was to outsource all the tech but, having someone leading that truly understands tech, particularly tech ideas, is invaluable and how Pinata was born.
  • Talking to people, prior and during building their product, helped Pinata gain interest and loyalty from the space but also helped them create a better product that serves their customer base as best as it can.
  • Avoiding buzzwords and keeping their products and content simple ensures that Pinata remains accessible for everyone no matter what their experience and what stage they are at.
  • NFTs can be anything, including consumables, such as a cup of coffee. Kyle believes that this is the next narrative in NFTs.



 “Developers are much different to traditional business or consumer relationships”

“I had always known that I wanted to build my own company”

“I was lucky to be there in the space at the time”

“As a non-technical person, it is difficult to learn how to meet technical people”

“We’re finding a lot of success in our long-form content”

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