Is Outbound Prospecting the Best Way To Grow?| Brad Seaman

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Brad Seaman is the CEO of MonsterConnect, a company that focuses on helping outbound sales reps be more productive. He also created a call center technology company.

Brad loves the complexity of B2B business solutions and the convergence of AI in the space.

The difference between inbound and outbound sales

Outbound – it’s a proactive outreach and you have to qualify the leads to make sure they can buy and that they are a good fit. Could be phone, email, linkedin outreach to pre identified targets.

Inbound – people may be ready to buy but they aren’t always a good fit.

Ultimately, sales comes down to:

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Speed

If you don’t have your brand established, inbound sales is a long game.

If you are not getting the results you want, you probably aren’t doing the work. Many times your revenue goes up when you are prospecting (whether you close the deals or not) and when you stop prospecting, your revenue goes down. Action creates results.

Characteristics of Outbound Sales:

  1. It’s a metric you can control.
  2. It’s a proactive action you can take.
  3. Sales cycle is longer.
  4. More profitable sales.
  5. The sale is not as competitive.

It’s not an inbound vs. outbound scenario – you need to be doing all of the activities needed to get a sale.

Brad believes that if you do the work and take the actions, you will get the results. 

A secret hack for outbound prospecting:

If you read job posts, many times you can glean data that can tell you the direction they will be taking in the next few quarters.

The best intent data is job postings. Brad says to read the job posting backwards and you can glean a ton of data.

In looking at job descriptions, you can also identify which companies are pro outbound sales. You can also identify the pain points that company is having and may be looking for solutions for.

As a sales person, they can be your best data source. They allow you to be a storm chaser instead of an insurance salesman.

Most companies don’t really understand why people buy from them in the B2B scenario.

ZoomInfo is a good tool to develop a data set. Having a team dedicated to identifying targets and creating the data around those targets can be a great resource for sales reps.

The best outbound process is one that you actually do.


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