Integrating AI: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait with Jordan Wilson of Everyday AI – Part 1

Ryan talks with Jordan Wilson, founder of Everyday AI, about the rapidly evolving world of generative AI. The conversation explores the current state of AI technology, its impact on businesses, and the risks of falling behind. Wilson gives his take on how companies can integrate AI into their workflows and why leadership must take an active role in adoption.

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  • The state of generative AI is both fascinating and alarming, with rapid advancements occurring across various domains including language models, sound generation, and multimodal capabilities.
  • Companies still on the fence about adopting generative AI are at risk of losing market share to more nimble competitors who embrace the technology.
  • Integrating generative AI into workflows doesn’t necessarily mean building custom models; it can be as simple as using AI-powered tools like Microsoft 365 Copilot or advanced web browsers.
  • Leaders should lead by example in AI adoption, understanding that it’s not just another SaaS solution but a fundamentally different way of operating.
  • Using outdated or non-internet-connected AI models for business decisions can be detrimental, as up-to-date information is crucial in today’s fast-paced environment.
  • Understanding the basics of how large language models work, including their limitations and best practices, is essential for effective implementation.
  • Upgrading hardware, such as PCs with new AI capabilities, can significantly enhance productivity and AI integration in the workplace.
  • Transitioning from traditional search engines to AI-powered tools like Perplexity and ChatGPT can save hours of research time and improve efficiency.


“If you’re still reading through 50 page PDFs to pull out that one little bit that’s relevant for you or your company, all of these things that are part of our day to day tasks, you should be using generative AI.”

“If you are still using traditional search engines, you are waiting hours a day”

“Think if you worked through the whole two thousands, the decade of the two thousands, the entire decade without using the internet?”

“If you don’t understand it at its core you are probably going to misuse it and you could end up doing more harm than good.” 

“Here we are every day waking up and scratching our heads, looking at what’s happening and saying, there’s no way this is happening.” 

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