How Your Top Customer Being Acquired Could Be an Opportunity to Double the Size of Your Biggest Client

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Frequently, the CEO or business owner identifies that one of the biggest customers is in the process of being acquired as a challenge they are having to overcome. Normally, it falls in the risk column for companies I am consulting, but I actually view it differently.

I see this as an opportunity to leverage the existing relationship to explode revenue growth. Let me tell you how!

If you take a proactive approach to this situation, you no longer have to look at one of your biggest revenue streams going away.

My process for this:
What is important to your top decision maker emotionally?
Who does your top decision make report to at the new company?
Give them more ammo to tangibly quantify what would happen if they implemented your solution across the entire larger organization. Get clarity around the tangible financial benefits. Link the desire of your top decision maker with the tangible financial outcomes you will deliver.
Build messaging and examples for your contact to broker the meeting with the new decision makers within the company. Use cold prospecting techniques to get in front of them and leverage it as proof of concept.
Leverage what you have already done with the original company as proof of concept for implementing it across the new, bigger organization. 

Using this plan has the potential to double your revenue without doing any additional prospecting, and it will make your client look amazing! That’s a win-win!

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