How Your Hard Work Can Destroy Your Growth

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2020 has caused everyone to grow in different ways. You could be growing in terms of your patience, your discipline, your appreciation, or even your health.

All year, I’ve been grinding, pushing, and moving forward at a hard pace. Then, I created a Stop Day. (You’ve probably never heard of it because I made it up.)

It was a day when I had no planned meetings, and I just sat and thought. And I asked myself different questions, let my mind wander, and did my strategic planning for 2021. 

I asked myself what success would look like for me if I did not have to make any money. 

That question changes your perspective because it gets you out of going from A to B to C to make a certain amount of money. 

I followed my first question up by asking myself what I would do, who I would serve, who I would work with, and what my life would look like from a lifestyle perspective, an overall physical perspective, mental health perspective. I also wanted to know what kind of impact I would make on the world. 

I spent half the day thinking and writing about that, and it was truly impactful for me. Doing that opened the second half of the day to my creativity in thinking about multiple different ways to do things, and getting tactical. 

From knowing my outcome first, I could start creating a lifestyle that I desired for next year. It totally changed the shape and focus of what I am doing. 

Grinding all the time can stifle your growth in your business, your life, your relationships, your health, and your happiness. Having a Stop Day will move you from a reactive to a proactive mode and get you going hard at fulfilling what you want and how you want your life to be. 

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