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Did you know that the presentation is the most undervalued asset of the enterprise world? James Ontra, the CEO and Co-founder of Shufflrr, certainly does! That is why he is changing the way the enterprise world thinks about presentations. He helped create a technology that is saving hundreds of Fortune level companies millions of dollars by adding clout to their Powerpoint slides and turning them into valuable business assets.

James was doing CD ROM technologies (slide libraries with video) in the 1990s. Then the web boomed, and he became the CEO of a funded company that did high-end presentations. The company did not make it because the internet was not ready for the work they were doing.

James and his sister then founded a consultancy and did high-end presentations for many large organizations. That process taught them how to organize slides, use them effectively, and make up a slide library.

They took those principles and built them into Shufflrr, which is all about presentation management. 

Presentation management is having an organized and structured library, from which anyone can take and reuse content at any time. 

Emotional storytelling is a key element of an effective presentation. Structured emotional storytelling allows the presentation to follow the conversation rather than the presentation forcing the conversation.

Good advertising is based on ratings, which are all about data. That can be dull. Storytelling, however, can change that dynamic because once you have been emotionally convinced about the importance of something, you will take all the logical data and use it to reinforce your belief. 

Presentation management will help you increase your business intelligence.

All Shufflrr’s presentation management data comes out through API and can be shared across certain platforms to create new efficiencies within global organizations. 

Shufflrr is a communication strategy for better efficiency.

For about 10 years, Time Warner used a process to chart the various ratings for their shows across 94 different markets. Eight months after implementing Shufflrr’s system, they regained their business intelligence and realized that the real value came from the emotional sale and not the data. They became far more efficient as a result.

How to tell your prospects an emotional story:
Collect the best slides from the best presentations ever done by your organization.
Weed through those to find the very best slides.
Bring those slides together and make them available to everyone out in the field.
Manage all the content regularly, as a published library.

The marketing department should be responsible for creating a library of quality content and slides for the salespeople.

Financial data should get updated quarterly. 

James’s travel clients in various locations prefer to update their data following their peak seasons. 

People who sell the best emotionally do 2 things:
They use an impactful image or video to make an emotional point at the beginning of the presentation. (That creates a connection that can later be backed up with other data.)
Then they create a flow, using a story to form the presentation and a different slide for each scene. Each scene should have a specific goal, and each consecutive slide should represent the goal of that scene and take you through an emotional process just like a movie would.

The slides should represent the facts and allow the audience to calculate the value equation for themselves. 

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