How to implement AI profitably with Ozan Unlu of Edge Delta

Ryan Staley interviews Ozan Unlu, the CEO and founder of EdgeDelta, an edge observability platform. Ozan shares his unique journey from engineer to salesperson to CEO, offering valuable insights on integrating AI into your organization profitably. Discover how to leverage AI without compromising margins and unlock the potential for growth.

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  • AI has tremendous potential in various businesses, but it must be implemented in a way that ensures sustainable margins and a path to profitability.
  • AI augments human capabilities, providing context and awareness to professionals, especially benefiting those with less experience.
  • Preprocessing and curating data sets before feeding them into AI models is crucial for cost-effective AI integration at scale.
  • Integrating AI has significantly boosted productivity and efficiency in software development, potentially doubling the speed of feature development.
  • AI can accelerate research and analysis tasks, such as reviewing financial reports or customer interactions, saving time while providing comprehensive insights.
  • Regularly using AI to analyze website copy, marketing messages, and meeting discussions helps ensure clarity and effectiveness in communication.
  • AI assists in observability by identifying anomalies and potential production issues in large-scale data sets.
  • Continuous inference is a key concept for making AI work at scale with massive data volumes in observability.


“AI has a tremendous amount of potential in a lot of various different businesses. I think there is going to be very few businesses that are unaffected or untouched by AI.”

“It’s not so much replacing a person or replacing a role. It’s very much augmenting what someone can do.”

“We have probably doubled the amount of features and the efficiency and the speed at which we can develop within our organization internally.”

“If you have a large scale, if you have a lot of data and you are in observability trying to understand how do I actually make AI work at this scale, come talk to us.”

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