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Today I will share what I call the 3x3x3 Rule with you.

During the first six or seven months of starting my business, I made some amazing progress. There were some things that I didn’t like, however. I did not like the results I was getting in different areas, and I did not like my focus structure, so I consciously looked at what I needed to do and how I could improve. I know that my problem is not unique. Many people have the same problem, especially as they escalate up in their careers. 

I am a big fan of modeling. So I wanted to know how to make a truly massive impact with modeling, taking things to the next level, and learning how to apply to my life, thirty years of someone else’s experience. 

In January, I read by BJ Fogg and by Brian Tracy. Those books were critical, and I am still reviewing and applying what I learned from them. Tiny HabitsEat That Frog

tells us that first thing every single day, before doing anything else, we need to focus on doing the most important thing for that day. It is a simple concept, but most people just don’t do it. Most people start their day by responding to emails or looking at social media, which are about reacting to other people’s priorities. Others do their mind-numbing work at the beginning of the day. Then they procrastinate and leave the important things for later in the day. Eat That Frog

I started applying what I had learned. Because, at the beginning of the day, you are freshest, so you can overcome things and think the sharpest. If you are disciplined, prioritize, and don’t allow yourself to stray, that will impact the outcome. 

Before going into a month, I would identify my three most important goals (or ‘frogs’) for that month. Before going into a week, I would identify my three most important ‘frogs’ for that week. And every day, I would look at my three most important ‘frogs’ for the following day. All of those would then filter into my annual goals. 

It is a simple concept. But if you apply it and write it down so that you always have a view of your annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals, it is sure to work for you. It works for me! I am still busy working on it, and already, I have seen 3x improvements!

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