How to Differentiate Your Company so it Counts! Speaking with Clint Oram of Sugarcrm

Clint is the CFM and cofounder of Sugarcrm a CRM company with a difference. Sugarcrm turns their customers into fans, utilises them as marketing tools and differentiates themselves in unique ways. Clint has also co-authored multiple CRM software patterns and in this episode talks to Ryan all about how Sugarcrm do things and what got him and the company to where they are today.

If you have a sales culture in your company, Sugarcrm can help you on marketing and customer service but where they really shine is around the depth of expertise in sales automation and everything and anything to do with it.
There’s four levers any company can pull when it comes to differentiation, quality, price, service and convenience. To a large degree most companies start by differentiating around quality or price. It can be difficult to differentiate on quality in the commoditised world we live in now and differentiation on price is almost always a race to the bottom. So, Clint instead focused on service and convenience instead.
Sugarcrm is a CRM that focuses on sales tools, marketing automation and helping customer services deliver outstanding service. Sugar CRM manage the whole buyers journey, with great tools and data, with the end goal of creating fully engaged and happy customers.
You either build a lifestyle business or a growth business. In the world of entrepreneurs there a lot of lifestyle business, it’s about putting money in your pocket to fund your lifestyle. When they then become popular they realise that they now need to look at how to manage the growth they are seeing.
Technology and innovation launches you and this is what people love at first. But as time goes on, especially with your customers, you need to be focused on solving business problems and not just talking tech.
There’s a lot of mechanics in building a CRM. Clint was good at building the software and tech but it took a while for him and his team to master selling it. He said it simply comes down to philosophy and aligning that with your goals.
Being midmarket is a mindset, it doesn’t have a set figure. What it really means is that you aren’t a small business anymore but you also aren’t large. To promote growth, you also need to move away from the ‘playbook’ that started your business and instead look at the one which is where you want to be. Be open to shed tradition and become comfortable in a growth mindset that is by design and not by accident.
Product experience, brand experience, employee and customer experience are all things a company needs to go from a good company to a great company. You have to turn your customers into your marketing machine. You need to make them and their experience excellent. This is what makes you a great company rather than just a good one.



“Make it easy and put a smile on your customers face, frankly that’s what’s at the core of customer relationship management industry is all about”

“We sell software, to help sellers sell”

“In the end, people buy a product or service, so it’s got to be good”

“Good companies understand product experience, great companies understand product and brand”

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