How to Create 300% Growth in 12 Months – with Tamas Kadar, Founder and CEO of SEON

Tamas Kadar is the founder and CEO of SEON. Founded in his dorm room at university, Tamas and his team managed to create 300% growth last year alone and are set to top that % this year. Tamas joins Ryan in this episode and breaks down, step by step, how to rapidly scale your business in the early stages and talks about why being customer-centric, collaborative and flexible has been the underpinnings of their success.


  • SEON helps online businesses prevent and mitigate fraud by screening customers based on their digital footprint.
  • SEON Are a product-led growth company. They offer free trials and are primarily led by content-based marketing.
  • SEON focuses on being customer-centric, creating a good user experience and being flexible to solve their individual business needs. Allowing them to focus on growing their businesses rather than losses.
  • It was after suffering losses in their own business that Tamas and his team felt unsatisfied with the current solutions out there. So they decided to build their own.
  • Hiring a CCO role was one of the first steps to accelerating SEON’s growth.
  • The world switching to digital gave SEON an advantage over its competitors during the pandemic. It allowed them to scale quickly.
  • Nail the lowest company revenue deals if you can, this means the sales chain is shorter and can allow you to grow at a much faster rate.
  • Creating and implementing friction-free processes from clients to investors is something Tamas and his team have focused on at SEON.


 “The solution applies to all fraud types and all online businesses”

“We allow them to concentrate on growing their business instead of focusing on losses”

 “The pandemic has really accelerated our growth”

“We are reverse engineering our lead sources to invest in those channels and sources that are bringing in results”

“I really try to optimise everything from being friction-free”

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