How ChatGPT Unlocked 10 years of knowledge in 2 minutes

Ryan talks in this episode about how ChatGPT unlocked 10 years of knowledge in just 2 minutes and why this is what focused him on AI and its role in the future of business. Ryan also talks about the recent breakthrough at the Google AI research wing, Deepmind.

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  • Ryan tested AI at first by using something he knew to be true and in this first instance, it was already 95% of the way there. At first, this scared him.
  • Testing the AI further changed Ryan’s prior perception, he started to see its use cases in business.
  • If you can build a solid foundation for your AI use cases, you can then build upon this foundation and easily leverage AI in a multitude of ways.
  • The research wing of google AI had a breakthrough where the AI could understand how to handle mathematical equations.


I stopped and I was scared shitless”

“I got turned onto it by one of the guests from my show”

“One of the biggest barriers for AI is understanding how to handle mathematical equations and how to solve those”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

Whale Boss 

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