Funding Can Be Hard Work With Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle is the motivated CEO of Billd with extensive experience in leading new business-line start-up operations from concept to scaled operations and developing high-performing management teams. Along with his co-founders Jesse Weissburg, they have a long history of working with thousands of contractors and seeing these issues first hand. He joins Ryan as the first fintech/ payment company CEO on The Scale Up Show. 

The way that contractors finances work is fundamentally dysfunctional and depends on too many variables that would choke a company’s growth. Streamlining this with a simple buy now, pay later would seem like a simple solution.
Marketing your company in the construction industry is quite different to most others and there’s a lot to be said about the value of an in office presence in the form of a swag bag etc.
As your company grows, your role as a CEO will change dramatically and you have to know when to build your specialized teams and always remember a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none.
Your reputation is your biggest asset. When the quality of your hard work is getting noticed, your customer retention will grow and this can see some unexpected doors of opportunity open too.


‘We ended up being super boots on the ground with the supplier and then we’d be hand-holding our customer because the product didn’t exist.’ 

‘Even though my heart is in bootstrapping and I just enjoy that, we need to scale the business and I can’t be the head of legal.’

‘Even for a small purchase, to make sure that we’re that reliable solution, our customers one hundred percent sense that and they trust us.’

‘What really matters is your credibility amongst your peers and who you’re working with.’

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