From Loyal to Lucrative: AI’s Top 3 Tips for Customer Revenue Growth

Ryan reveals 3 core strategies for revenue growth that he discovered using AI. Ryan outlines these strategies in detail including examples, based on experience and knowledge from his access to hundreds of executive teams working with AI within SaaS companies.

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  • Give AI context to what you are doing including who you serve and what your offering is.
  • Tell AI the outcome you want.
  • Be specific in your prompt about what you want from AI.
  • Pre-QBR preparation can have a significant impact, from gathering metrics to looking at pain points and opportunities
  • AI is an amazing resource to have, allowing you to tap into information and ‘labor’ that you otherwise would miss out on.


One of the things I see is there’s not a secondary sales process”

“Use data to upsell additional services”

“Be specific and tactical”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

Whale Boss

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