From Busy Work to AI Mastery: Aytekin Tank’s Secrets to Efficient Growth Part 2

This is part two of Ryan’s conversation with Aytekin Tank, the founder and CEO of Jotform, a form building platform created from his desire to help automate the communication between people. Author of Automate Your Busy Work, Aytekin shares his framework for cutting time spent on menial tasks by 70% and reveals how AI is transforming Jotform’s products. From the importance of prioritization to embracing system thinking, this episode shares actionable insights for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses efficiently in the age of AI.

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  • Clarify priorities through time audits to understand how you spend your time and identify tasks to automate or delegate.
  • Embrace “laziness” and impatience as drivers for finding efficient solutions and automating repetitive tasks.
  • Make time to save time by researching automation tools and learning new technologies like AI and prompt engineering.
  • Adopt a system thinking approach, transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager of automations and AI.
  • Use tools like Dead Man’s Snitch to monitor and maintain your automated systems, ensuring they continue to function properly.
  • Focus on important tasks that are often not urgent, following Eisenhower’s wisdom on prioritization.
  • Leverage AI for code reviews and fraud detection to significantly improve efficiency and accuracy in tech development.
  • Explore AI integration in products through copilots and agents to reduce learning curves and enhance user experience.


“Bill Gates said, ‘I would always hire a lazy person to do a hard job. Because he will find an easy way to do it.’”

“Eisenhower says that he had two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The important are never urgent and the urgent are seldom important.”

“With copilots, you can actually give people an option… They don’t have to learn it anymore, they can just tell us what they need.”

“It’s about figuring out your priorities. For example, for me, in the morning, that’s my best time.”

“We use AI for code reviews… It becomes easier because it’s going to catch many types of code problems.”

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