Fail Fast and Pivot! The Power of early failure and quick solutions in tech and software with Doron Friedman of SpotOn: a Point of Sales Systems Business

Doron Friedman, CPO and Co-founder of SpotOn, speaks to Ryan about the multiple start-ups he has built, what inspired him to create SpotOn and the unique solutions it offers to their customers.

SpotOn has created multiple platforms and solutions that help restaurants, retail and a whole host of other small businesses at point os sale.
Since the birth of SpotOn, Jerome has helped build it from nothing to a valuation of 3 billion dollars and employer of 2000 employees in just four years.
SpotOn’s primary go-to-market strategy is direct sales, with a 500+ sales rep team who directly build strong relationships with their customers to offer and create solutions specifically for them. SpotOn are constantly creating technology and products to help solve the pain points and difficulties that businesses face.
Everything SpotOn do is to help businesses save revenue, decrease costs and give great services to their customers.
Doron’s father was his main inspiration to becoming an entrepreneur, even though he warned him against the stress and difficulties you face in the entrepreneurial lifestyle. But, Jerome just knew that it’s what he wanted to do and if he could be half the entrepreneur his Dad was he will have done well in life!
At 21 he created a bagel business across colleges on the west coast which became successful, he then had the concept of creating on-demand credit cards and so found the tech people he needed to build it with him. At 40 after managing with some difficult financial situations in this business, Jerome decided to start again and this is when and where SpotOn was born.
You must find people in business to work with that compliment your weaknesses. Find those who are different to you and that have different strengths to help you build success.
Spot On has one of the biggest percentage most women-leaders in a tech company.
Two of the most recent additions to spot on solution is pacing technology for restaurant orders and stock tracking on multiple platforms for small retail businesses.
During the pandemic SpotOn tried to do everything they could to help their clients. They asked their teams to work as hard as they could to help them, they released and built new systems before they were ready and even gave away free solutions. They cared and therefore helped in any and every way they could.


“We’re not always right, we make mistakes all the time. We have a saying, fail fast and pivot”

“If we’re to have empathy with our clients, we need to have empathy with each other”

“We thought in order to make something really powerful we wanted to build it from the ground up”

“If you can add value and save people money at the same time it’s the biggest win in the world”

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