Doing Unscalable Things In Order to Scale

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What is working well is doing some old school custom tactics that are highly targeted toward your ideal clients.

Gift giving has been one thing that has been bringing big results. Others are trying emails that don’t scale and getting big ROI’s when they use them in a hyper targeted way.

I’ve been seeing great results with what I have been doing in an organic way.

Here are the key things to know before you use this technique:
Don’t expect an immediate ROI. This is a longer play than that.
Approach all your interactions through a lens of service. 
Find out as much as you can about your prospect and what is important to them first and most often.

Reciprocity is a psychological principle that is ingrained in us ancestrally. Humans do not want to owe anyone anything, so we will try to reciprocate when someone shows us good will. 

This is another way to do non-scalable things to scale. Maybe you only reach out to 5-10 people a week with the goal of simply helping them solve their problems, with no expectation of getting anything in return. 

Before you know it, you will find those people will suddenly send you referrals or even connect you with your ideal customer.

There are opportunities across every level of an organization to do non-scalable things. The best thing is that you can feel good about this approach and being the nice, helpful person in the relationship.

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