Did ChatGPT4o and Copilot DESTROY AI’s Biggest Barrier?

In this episode, Ryan shares some of the most exciting insights he has taken away from spending 30 hours using ChatGPT4o and Microsoft Copilot. Ryan pushes past the release hype and gives you the real use cases and best solutions for using AI in your existing applications.  

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  • Microsoft and Google are talking about the future capabilities of their AI software, these are things that aren’t available for use yet such as agents and text to video generators.
  • ChatGPT4o is as fast as promised, the speed at which charts and graphs can be built at a high quality is impressive. There is even a tab to be able to create a PowerPoint and export.
  • ChatGPT4o can integrate with Onedrive and google drive, the implications of this are far reaching in almost any business case.
  • Microsoft Copilot always appears to lag behind ChatGPT releases. However the Copilot functionality has a lot of use cases. Such as summarising web pages and creating content.
  • The Excel and Teams capabilities within Microsoft Copilot.


There are some things blowing me away that are out right now”

“I love that use case because it makes creating visuals a snap”

“I think Microsoft is a sleeping giant here”

“This is gonna change a lot if you starts to understand this”

“Google Gemini is Still behind, still has issues”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

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