Creating Endless Possibilities in Everyday Business with AI: Speaking to AI Expert Eric Daimler

Eric Daimler is the chair, CEO and co-founder of Conexus AI. He also sits on numerous boards and is a leading expert in the field of robotics and AI. He joins Ryan to talk about the revolutionary things Conexus are doing in the world of AI, how you can set up AI in your own company and how he thinks AI will create endless possibilities for humanity and the world we live in.


  • Conexus was originally bootstrapped, funding its MVP and explorations before attracting funding to hire staff to turn themselves into a scalable product and business
  • Conexus integrates data models, allowing for collaboration between teams.
  • AI and Robotics are simply a system, they are something that senses and acts, learning from the experience.
  • Good AI can create a seamless customer experience by solving universal problems, particularly with databases and systems.
  • For the future, Conexus is aiming to focus on product-led growth with its offering.
  • Focusing on automation first is how Conexus plan to grow without having to expand its team.


“AI, robotics, learning algorithms can be thought of as a system”

“It’s not because of security, it’s because your systems suck, they don’t talk to one another”

“It’s super useful for everyday business and the operation of complex systems, especially when lives are at stake”

“We’re lucky to be the leaders in the expression of category theory for the integrity of the integration database”

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