Can You Grow A Million Dollar Run Rate With Only Brand & PR?

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Victoria has a background as an opera singer. As a singer, she became very good at establishing relationships with editors, journalists, and music producers without knowing that she was doing PR. After returning to America, she realized that other than singing she had zero skills, so she decided to change, reinvent herself, and start a business. 

She bought a course and taught herself how to do Facebook ads for realtors. She went from zero to six figures in nine months with no paid ads. She was going off organic and PR strategies, still not knowing what it meant but just doing it!

When Covid hit, all Victoria’s real estate clients left her, so she decided to go all-in on her ninja skill, which is PR. She managed to get into the world’s number one real estate publication and become a contributor to the magazine. They asked her to become a brand ambassador for them, and then they asked her to speak on the stage to over 1000 realtors.

It happened almost overnight, and many marketers reached out to Victoria, asking her to help them do what she had done. That prompted her to start her own business because her true ninja skill and calling in life are connections and relationships. 

Stepping into the role of someone she wanted to be but was not yet, was her number one superpower as an opera singer.

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