Automating Communication: Scaling a Bootstrapped Business with Jotform Founder Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder and CEO of Jotform, a form building platform created from his desire to help automate communication between people. Aytekin, a trained developer, bootstrapped Jotform from scratch. He is also the author of “Automate Your Busy Work” and is passionate about writing and sharing business advice.

He joins Ryan to discuss his experience of bootstrapping his company from the ground up and the strategies that helped accelerate the growth of the business.

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  • Growth often takes time in the first few years of a bootstrapped company but Aytekin highlight the many positives of bootstrapping your company, including the independence you retain and less pressure externally.
  • Jotform is a free product but where there are paid add ons and options.
  • Aytekin wanted to create a simple to use form building platform after being unable to find what he needed himself.
  • The pandemic helped accelerate the transformation into digital and Jotform was on of the businesses to feel that.
  • A developer by trade, Aytekin had to train himself on everything including the management of people.
  • Creating a culture of independence and innovation, supported with a clear mission statement has helped Aytekin grow his teams and scale the company effectively.
  • To compete with the growing competition, including Google forms, Aytekin focuses on automation and delegation in his own work and across his teams.


“It’s about the [business] journey, it’s not about reaching one state, it’s about what we can do for people”

“I love seeing other people use it [Jotform] and get value from it”

“It’s a very horizontal product, everybody uses forms”

“Starting my company was all about independence, building my own product”

“We also improved out product in terms of automation”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

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