A Trick That the Top 1% of 1% Use To Outsell Everyone

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Sometimes when you are going about the course of your daily life, you can run across situations that reveal amazing business lessons. That’s what happened to me last week when I was at the beach with my family on vacation. 

All of my family and extended family rented a big beach house in Florida and we spent a lot of time each morning at the beach.

One morning around 11am, I was sitting on the beach reading my book while the kids were playing on the beach and my parents were hanging out and enjoying the family.

I kept feeling like I was hearing a familiar tune playing off in the distance. Over the course of a few minutes, the music became louder and more familiar.

The next thing I knew, all 7 of the kids in our family came running up to all of the adults asking if they could get ice cream! 

Sure enough, a surfer looking dude came up the beach pulling a boat on 4 wheels and it had a gigantic cooler on the boat and it said “Gulfstream Ice Cream” since 1997.

It was 85 degrees and full sun and we had already been at the beach a couple of hours. We had planned on going to get the kids ice cream later that afternoon.

Suddenly, Grandpa (my Dad) looked at me and said, “What the heck, we’re on vacation!” Before we knew it, there were more than 20 people in line to get ice cream, and Grandpa bought a round for all the grandkids!

This leads me to the 3 important sales lessons that the top 1% of 1% practice – and that’s why this ice cream guy had been doing this since 1997!
Consolidation of customers – choosing a family beach with different generations ensures that there are plenty of people to buy ice cream for the kids. It also means that the average order size may be 8-10, not 1-2.
Cravings – be there at the exact right time customers are most likely to buy. We didn’t care that it was 11am and we hadn’t eaten lunch yet. We were hot and ice cream was the perfect remedy!
Capitalize on the circumstance – because there were no other vendors on the beach, he could charge 2-3x the price because he executed on #1 and #2.

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