9,214% Growth, 2 Exits and The Hustle Contest | Andrew Gazdecki & Kevin Schrage

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I have two special guests joining me on the show today! 

Andrew Gazdecki is the CEO of MicroAcquire, which experienced 9000% growth over nine months! On top of that, Andrew has had two exits, he was the CRO at Spiff, and he was a 30 under 30 Entrepreneur. Now, he helps other entrepreneurs sell their businesses without some of the traditional friction that exists in the market today.

Kevin Schrage is the marketing genius and founder of BrandArrow, which he started almost two years ago. Over the last fifteen years, Kevin has been in various marketing roles, where he has done some amazing work using his genius to scale SAAS companies. As an entrepreneur during that time, he also started a couple of app companies with Andrew. 

Andrew and Kevin have worked together on and off over the years. They have both experienced massive growth. Today, they will talk about what they are doing currently and discuss their mission. 

MicroAcquire serves small tech companies by giving them options for meeting buyers quickly and reducing the friction typically associated with selling a business. It allows founders to sell their business without any exclusivity, fees, or commissions. They started by focusing specifically on SAAS businesses but have subsequently expanded to e-commerce marketplaces, mobile apps, and some crypto companies. Their sweet spot is any tech business with five million dollars in revenue and below. 

MicroAcquire attracts businesses in three categories:
Businesses with under $100,000 in revenue.
Businesses with $100 000 to $1,000 000 in revenue.
Businesses with $1,000,000 in revenue and above.

Businesses with $1,000,000 in revenue and above have become the more normal listings for MicroAcquire.

The sellers on MicroAcquire are typically people looking for liquidity. Or people who feel they have taken their business as far as they can and would like to pass it on to someone new who can bring some fresh energy into the business and hopefully grow it. The sellers are often business owners who have lost momentum due to weak sales and marketing. 

Many founders of tech start-ups want to build a billion-dollar company. Once they realize that they are not on that trajectory, they look to sell their business so that they can keep swinging at a better opportunity. MicroAcquire gives them a soft landing to do that.

The buyers on MicroAcquire are people who would like to run a one to five million dollars a year company.

Entrepreneurs need to understand that they are limiting their options when they raise money with venture capital. With venture capital, you are often locking into a binary outcome.

MicroAcquire rolled out its premium subscription program in September. The premium subscription program was created as a filter to ensure that the buyers are serious.

Facebook ads and Instagram have been very beneficial to the rapid growth of the business. There has also been a lot of organic growth happening. 

Working with The Hustle Contest also put a lot of fuel on the MicroAcquire fire. The idea behind the contest was to give away a SAAS company valued at up to $25 000 to someone willing to share their story. After launching the contest their numbers rose insanely!

Having fun is part of MicroAcquire’s marketing strategy.

Kevin recommends that you need to be willing to get your hands dirty and just execute to grow a business. 

Andrew produced tons of content for MicroAcquire. As well as using social media, he also built a lot of content to educate entrepreneurs on selling a company and everything involved with that. Many people do not move fast enough when it comes to producing content. And if your voice does not get heard, you are not going to be found. 

Paid channels are also an effective way to grow a business. With the paid route, the revenue is predictable. Organic marketing is sometimes not a predictable revenue source. 

To put fuel on the fire for the $500,000 market, you need to have a well-built customer journey process set up to make things as efficient as possible.

Andrew feels that the best customer acquisition strategy is to talk to your customers. Get to understand them. That is where content ideas come from. Build relationships with your non-paying customers as well as your paying customers. Get to know what your customers care about. Get to know what they like about your service and what they hate about your service. Get your customers to write reviews about your service and have them tell your brand story for you. Learn from your market constantly. You can even learn from your competitors and figure out how you can work together. The key is to care. 

Very good content comes from a data-driven approach. Things don’t have to be perfect to create rapid and amazing content. Post things that you would like to read without thinking about what others might think of it. Create tons of value. Find your voice, your tone, your niche, and your audience. You can use tweets or blog posts that resonated with people to create longer-form blog posts. Then use that to create an e-book. And then turn that into something that you record for YouTube. 

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