70% Email Open Rates to Fuel Your Revenue | Kristina Finseth

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The Outbound Fire Framework has been working well for the last ten-plus months, with some slight iterations. It did not happen overnight, however, and Kristina points out that there’s no silver bullet. 

No two prospects are created the same, so what you use to get the attention of one may not work on the next. Kristina is a big fan of multichannel and trying to figure out different creative ways to get in front of people.

The Outbound Fire Framework philosophy is very different, and they don’t approach it with any sales tactics in mind. They started doing lower quantity, higher quality, super personalized outreach, and that was how the framework was born. The most important part is that they don’t say anything about a product, a service, a problem, or a solution. 

Kristina found that if you have an email, it is all about your prospect. So, whether it’s something they wrote or something they accomplished, use it as a basis for a conversation. If you have a message that cuts through the noise and piques your prospect’s interest, they will do their own research and figure out what you do. All that you are doing is trying to get their attention. To do that successfully, however, you need to know your ICP and who you are trying to target. 

Kristina and her team have an order of prioritization for how they conduct their research on prospects:

  1. They know who their target accounts are.
  2. They go to the decision-makers and the people to whom they want to reach out.
  3. They try to go with someone active on LinkedIn, if that exists within that organization and find something there to start a conversation with them.
  4. If there is no one active on LinkedIn in that organization, they will find some other common ground around which to start a conversation.
  5. To find common ground for their conversations, they will go to the company’s LinkedIn page, the company’s website, Google Company News.
  6. Twitter could be another place to look for common ground to start a conversation with a prospect.

Their tech stack works in a way that that they do most of their research through LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn itself as an initiation point. That fuels the rest of their engine from an email automation standpoint and a personalization standpoint.

If you have the time, you can search to find out where your prospects are engaging. You can search for content through hashtags on LinkedIn recruiting or hiring.

Kristina and her team are outcomes-based at each step of their email process.

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