7 Figure Sales Scaling Through Behavioral Science | Todd Caponi

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The same need to know what could go wrong or what you need to be aware of when you purchase a product is what Todd has applied from the behavioral science world to help completely transform the sales process.

When you study behavioral science with a frame of sales and sales leadership, you can understand what Todd Caponi is all about. He’s a super consumer of behavioral studies and the science behind human behavior. Every time he reads something from the behavioral science world that he can draw lessons for sales, negotiation, and sales leadership, he’s going to share the lessons.

Transparent selling along with unexpected honesty create magic for companies. Consensus selling is hard and consensus selling is hard, but harder when you are doing it remotely.

Todd is a huge proponent of using behavioral science for good in business.

The way to integrate this within your consensus selling business is:

  1. Tell a story to get people bound together rather than talking about ROI or other metrics.
  2. Understand why your customers are talking to you. What was it that you said that hooked them.
  3. Get ready to teach and then go into full teaching mode, with full transparency and radical honesty. 
  4. Now credibility is built and trust has been established, so now you can become prescriptive and provide solutions. 
  5. Make your customer the hero and show them why their status quo is no long sustainable and lead them to how you can help.
  6. They will be compelled to action and compelled to action with you because you are a consultant rather than a salesperson.

As a salesperson, your role in life is to sherpa smart decisions as quickly as possible, even if that decision is to not go with you.

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