4 Steps that 3 $500,000+ earners are using to put their prospecting on auto-pilot

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Today I'm going to walk you through the 4 steps that $500,000+ a year income earners are using to put their prospecting on autopilot. 

This framework is really simple and it doesn’t involve a lot of tech. I’m assuming that everyone is on LinkedIn and that you already have at least some clients.

Step 1: Identify your top clients. 

Step 2: Identify 10 people on LinkedIn that are connected with your client.

Step 3: In your next meeting with any of the people you work with at your top clients, ask each of those people if they know anyone from your list of 10 people you want to target.

Step 4: When any of your clients know anyone on your list, send a DM or email and cc: the client you have in common to try and build a relationship with them.

Listen in to learn why this works and how top earners are using this extremely productive method to prospect for new clients. 

Also, learn how this method has built-in social proof!

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