4 creative ways to zap Zoom fatigue from your top prospects

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So, it’s no wonder that everyone is experiencing Zoom fatigue. Today, I’m sharing 4 simple things you can do to zap Zoom fatigue for your top prospects!
Connect every person that you meet with 3 people that can make a positive impact on their lives. If you connect them with 3 new people, that will bring more variety to their lives. Your prospect will appreciate it and remember that you are a connector!
Hand deliver their favorite baked goods and hand deliver their favorite lunch.The memory you create by doing that is going to be highly impactful.
Make your next meeting with a client a “walk and talk” meeting – weather permitting. Bring them their favorite coffee and walk around and talk with them. You will stand out because you brought them happiness for a small window of their day!
Take them out to lunch. Take them out for coffee. Every time I’ve done it lately, people have told me it has been forever since they went out.

Implementing these will make you stand out from everyone else.

Everyone else is boring and just doing the same old Zoom meetings.

Granted, these tactics are so simple and basic that anyone can do them, but the point is they have not been everyday things that your prospects have experienced lately. So you immediately stand out from everyone else.

When you are the one to take the initiative, you get remembered by your client. Your client will also appreciate you for doing it.

The benefit you will gain from doing these 4 things will be long lasting and lead to closing more deals!

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