3x Software Founder and ex-Salesforce Employee on Successful Exits & Perfect Product Market Fit with Adam Baker of Dealpad.io

Ryan is joined by Adam Baker, ex salesforce employee who has founded, scaled and exited two SaaS companies as CEO. Adam chats to Ryan about his 20+ years of experience in software development, the problems and challenges currently being faced by founders and how he and his team are changing the landscape of enterprise sales with his newest solution Dealpad.io


  • Dealpad.io are very intentional about whom they speak to, whom they want to sell to, ensuring they only work with their ideal buyers whom they know they can make successful. It means their marketing budget is relatively low.
  • Linkedin is one of the main platforms that Dealpad.io use to reach its customers, directly engaging with them, learning and helping them with their specific pain points and needs.
  • From his own experience of being a buyer, Adam recognised the challenges his ideal customer would be facing and tested solutions with this in mind when creating Dealpad.io
  • Buyers in enterprise sales are becoming more sophisticated, nailing their own processes, making sellers vulnerable and in turn giving them less control.
  • Dealpad.io gives the capability to see what your buyers and sales teams need and how they can be helped.
  • Optimism isn’t enough to close deals, so much time is wasted on focusing on advocates within a team that actually don’t have the authority to make decisions.
  • Regardless of the economic situation we are facing right now, software is needed more than ever to create efficiency and close as many deals as possible.
  • Adam believes that a founder’s belief in solving problems, timing and product market fit are the three key elements to building a successful company.


 “We’re very intentional about who we want to sell to, who we want to work with”

“We do most of our marketing on LinkedIn because it’s where our customers are, it’s mostly intentional outreach”

“I’ve been the buyer, so I know the pains we’re solving”

“All of this data helps the sales individual understand is their buyer content, do we have everybody in the process we need and where do we need to lean in and help them through their journey”

“That’s all founders have to believe, that we’re solving a problem”

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