3X Founder Shares Number 1 Tip to Surviving in SaaS with Maarten Verwaest of Limecraft

Maarten Verwaest is the founder and CEO of Limecraft, which takes technology, automation and AI to help media companies manage their workflows and include clients such as Associated Press.

Not only has Maarten founded 3 SaaS companies, but he has also facilitated 2 successful exits and in this episode talks about how he initially created capital for a $ 3 million MVP as well as shares the knowledge that saved him from closing down; instead adding 10% growth month on month!


  • Initially, Limecrafts primary go-to-market strategy for growing revenue was trade shows due to the high trust base and network-heavy industry of media. But since their surge in demand in 2020, they have started to focus on content marketing in-house.
  • Limecraft gives companies the gift of time, they automate repetitive work allowing companies to focus on the true creative elements.
  • If you eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on high-value ones, you also increase your ability to scale and grow.
  • Focusing on the retention of existing customers and referrals is one of the ways Limecraft has been able to grow at the rate they have.
  • It took a lot of trial and error for Limecraft to get to the successful pricing model they have built today. They learnt the most from their early clients and their thoughts around what pricing fit and worked for them.
  • Limecraft got its competitive advantage by listening to the difficulties and pain points their industry and clients were struggling with and addressing them. When it came to scaling, they knew exactly what to do and what they needed to focus on solving.
  • Creatives and the creative industry don’t generally care about the ins and outs of technology, they just simply want it to work for them, so this is what Limecraft focus on.
  • Mainstream AI is not currently well adapted for video content. Maarten feels like it’s his duty to make people understand and recognise this.


 “We automate repetitive work”

“Our net revenue retention is 25% without having to do any additional sales”

“If you’re developing a SaaS company you need to filter out the good early adopters, they will challenge you, they will help you figure out what pricing works”

“Creative people don’t give a shit about technology, they just want it to work”

“90% of the text it recognises is plan bullsh*t it’s nothing to do with the video”

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