3 Secrets to Leadership Success from Sri Chellappa, CEO and Founder of Engagedly

Sri Chellappa is the president and co-founder of Engagedly, an INK-500 fastest-growing company. He has had two successful company exists, is a Forbes contributor and has also made 7 feature films and runs a music production studio! He joins Ryan to talk about his fascination with people, start-ups and numbers as well as his secrets to leadership and employee engagement success.


  • Sri has discovered Engagedly couldn’t compete on marketing spend alone, so instead focused on being active in the market, via social media, webinars and also by building a strong outbound team.
  • Engagedly is a people alignment platform: it aligns people strategy with your business strategy.
  • Sri has always found the start-up world fascinating, following how they can create so much value so quickly alongside high agility and often, high rewards too.
  • In his consulting years, Sri recognised the disconnect between employees and management, this is one of the reasons he wanted to create Engagedly, to solve this problem.
  • Sri discovered in his research, that companies needed performance management, but with an engaged employee result, so that is what he and his team focused on creating with Engagedly, leading to 1 million revenue in just 2 ½ years.
  • Engagedly are the only mid-market platform that fully covers employee engagement, from learning and development to performance management. It’s a very broad platform.
  • Data proves that employees want to be recognised, this starts with management, particularly when using a platform like Engagedly.
  • Motivations drive behaviour, and the incentive for this can be different for different people, this must be taken into account when aligning organisational objectives to individuals’ goals.


 “There’s a lot of things we do on our thought leadership side that help us get leads from both inbound and outbound as well”

“I realised I really like people and I like working with people and I like numbers”

“It’s been a long struggle and the struggle is far from over, it’s a tough market”

“You want to know when you are wrong and not be blindsided by it”

“Employees want recognition, they want to be recognised for what they do”

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