3 Hidden Outcomes Discovered From 30 hrs of Interviewing the Best

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In advance planning for the Enterprise Sales Summit, I created main categories and then sub-topics that would be applicable for every account executive, sales rep, sales manager, etc would be interested in. I then reverse engineered my topics and sought out the speakers who had the best tools to address those issues.

Day 1 – Prospecting and Business Development

We have 2 categories:
Inbound based
Outbound based

There are so many ways to get leads in both the inbound and outbound channels. 

Inbound tips – put your team in a situation where they can be successful and that plays well into their strengths.

Outbound tips – where are the 4% of people that are already looking for your solution and how can you begin interacting with them so it sets your team up for success by leveraging data.

All of my speakers are wildly successful in each area of their respective sub-niches within the sales niche.

If you go all in on the 2 or 3 strategies that fall within your strengths and what you really like doing – it will change your life!

Day 2 – Massive Pipeline Acceleration

2 Categories:
Create scale and ramp up the middle of your pipeline in multiple ways.
How to ask questions, surface the problems and work across silos to expand the middle of your pipeline. (The hand to hand combat of sales!)
How to scale sales leadership of your organization.

Day 3 – The Hand to Hand Combat of Sales
The problem is the reason
Next generations sales – what can tech do for you, how to free up time, equity of wealth
Community – tech plays a huge role in this – up to $1000k per rep, creating wealth through hiring and comp,

As you can see, we’ve covered every aspect of sales that can help you no matter where you are in your sales career. The best experts in each of these categories presented so many tactical frameworks that you can actually apply immediately and begin exploding your performance.

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