3 Experts Share Their Secrets to Growing Revenue Through People, Podcasts and Leadership

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Jared Robbin of RevGenius shares how important it is to create community around people and not just an idea. Jared has a very unique idea about how to make a community accessible and why you can’t put your content behind a gate if you really want an engaged community.

Next, Evans Putnam explains why having a podcast can revolutionize your business. So many people are jumping on the podcast bandwagon, so Evans shares the steps needed in order to make it a valuable part of your business. He knows because he went from workaholic to now only working 4 days a week because of his podcast.

Lastly, Rob Jeppsen talks about the sales leadership systems that will help you grow your revenue. Who doesn’t need that advice? Rob also talks about how to gain trust with your customers. 

Join us for this growth oriented episode and implement these tips to grow your revenue.