$20 Million in Growth in 4 Years – Speaking with Operational Genius Chris Ronzio, founder and CEO of Trainual

Chris Ronzio is the founder and CEO of Trainual, a modern business training model company. Chris is an operational genius, who grew his company in four years as a SAAS platform. Chris is also the author of ‘The Business Playbook’, a podcaster and won EY entrepreneur of the year in 2021.

Chris talks to Ryan about his operational successes, how Trainual makes sharing what you do in your business easy and how to create revenue growth through 100% inbound motion.


  • Trainual is a 100% inbound company, centring most of its marketing digitally and around organic and educational content.
  • Trainual is a business playbook, it’s your modern business training model.
  • It was when running his first business in high school, a video production company, that Chris started learning how businesses work.
  • When Chris realised that logistics and processes were industry agnostic, it started the beginnings of Trainual.
  • To scale, bandwidth, delegation and consistency are the core competencies needed.
  • Trainual allows business knowledge from the bottom to the top, to be retained, regardless of staff turnover.
  • Organising chaos has always been Chris’ strong suit. He can take large amounts of input at speed and then compartmentalise and prioritise to then move forward strategically. He attributes his ability to scale and grow to this strength. 
  • Context, chaos and clarity are the three-step framework Chris’ used when he was consulting clients and something he still works with today.
  • The abundance of opportunities in business creates chaos. This is a good thing; you just need to learn how to work with it.
  • Look for themes in your feedback. This allows you to recognise the big opportunities and where to focus your energy.
  • Making a product compelling was Chris’ first aim, to make it so good that the product sells itself. This, alongside creative marketing, is the core reason Trainual have been able to have revenue growth purely from inbound sales.
  • Some of the creative marketing Trainual have utilised are social proof, helpful content and webinars.


 “It’s very product-led growth”

“The biggest challenge for business owners is getting down how they do what they do and sharing it with others”

“My mindset has always been to make incremental progress”

“I think my ninja skill is organising chaos”

“Chaos in business is a good thing”

“All that educational content starts to build trust with the consumer”

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