1 Way To Improve Your Output By 300%

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He said there were basically 4 things he would do differently:

  1. Traffic
  2. Capturing community
  3. Capturing email and having a follow up sequence
  4. Define the sales process

He further went on to explain that for each one of those 4 areas, he would only have one focus for each category – leveraging the power of one.

I’ve personally revamped the way I do things in my business starting in January. I refined it during February and now I’ve seen the results in March of getting over 300% more done in my business.

Following the principle of Occam’s razor – the simple solution is probably always the best, I’ve developed my 5×3 framework for exploding growth and productivity.

I’ve also been working with a sales rep to implement this framework and he saw his pipeline increase from $300K to $1 million in 90 days.

The bottom line is, you are either creating momentum or inertia – speeding up or slowing down – and this is the framework for creating momentum.

The 5 x 3 method:

1) Identify 3 main goals for the year

2) Broken down into 3 main goals for the quarter

3) Broken down into 3 main goals for the month

4) Broken down into 3 main goals for the week

5) Broken down into 3 main goals for the day – and do those first each day!


This sort of focus management will give you the ability to dictate your destiny.

Just by using this framework, you can change your trajectory in your business and in your family.