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Andrea Breanna’s life’s work has been on building high traffic websites and is the straight talking founder of RebelMouse that has built two of the most important new media companies of this decade. It also powers content hubs and media properties for brands, like United Airlines, BlackRock, Flonase and many more. 

Before that, she was CTO of HuffingtonPost, where she led product, design and engineering. In today’s interview with Ryan she discusses both of these and much, much more.

Due to the rise and reliability of remote technologies, the physical office has less importance. Face to face still plays a key part, especially in sales, but for the day today running, you have the whole world to recruit from.
As far as the customer experience goes, for a high percentage of companies the website will be the first point of contact and so many companies still fail to see the potential even now. Creating an ever evolving and positive user experience can guarantee return visits.
There’s always the temptation to continue to burn money in VC funded companies because of the nature of the model. Moving away from that and switching to a more sustainable model may seem painful, but in the long run it can enhance your business.
For a company, your sales team is the most important part of the company and as such can also be the most expensive if they’re not completely on brand and aligned with your mission. 


‘We’re globally distributed. There are eighty-seven of us actually and we’re in thirty-one countries. ’ 

‘Consumers don’t have empathy for a bad website.” 

‘Now, a year and a half after announcing core web vitals, very few sites are getting a good grade. Most of them are getting absolute failures and that type of thing is what we keep all of our clients monitored on so it’s not like each client has to worry about that, the platform worries about those things.’

‘What you’re told is to learn to burn money.’  

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