Why Top Relationship Builders Can’t Close Million Dollar Deals

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If you’ve worked really hard to build deep and intimate relationships with a client and invested a ton of time and effort along the way, when it comes time to sign a deal, you want it to be with you!

It’s disappointing and completely deflating when you lose the deal after investing so much in the relationship.

Today, I’m sharing 3 frameworks to go from having million dollar years, to closing million dollar deals.

In today’s market, the skills that I am going to share with you today are going to be more critical than ever.

When moving from selling transactional deals to recurring revenue of tens of thousands for dollars, you have to make a shift.

What you have to remember is that when the type of sale shifts to MRR from transactions, the number of people involved changes.

It’s no longer just your contact making the decisions, so you now have a tribe of people responsible for the decision.

The tribe overrides the relationship.

If there is no relationship with the tribe, they look to logic to make a decision.

If there is no logic, then likely a decision doesn’t get made and nothing changes.

Sometimes doing nothing is more advantageous for their careers than making a wrong decision that ends up backfiring.
Understand the top 3 biggest problems in their department.
What are the most important projects behind those problems?
Focus on those 3 biggest problems.

Now look at those problems through this lens:

What’s their biggest problem growing revenue? – topline expense

What’s their biggest problem reducing expenses? – bottom line expense

What’s their biggest problem reducing customer churn? 

Align your solution to help all 3 areas. 

If you put every solution as a direct impact to those 3 main focus areas, and back it with the logic of solving their 3 biggest problems while bringing in focus the 3 outcomes the company wants anyway. Then the solution will become a no-brainer.

Your job to be successful is to close all the doors except for one. So this will allow you to only pursue opportunities that will close.

Don’t overvalue the relationship. Focus your solutions through the lens of growing revenue, reducing expenses and customer churn.

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