Why the Right Operating Principles Matter! Building the Successful Team Behind One of the Fastest Growing IT Expense Management Solutions – Speaking with Ed Roshitsh of Brightfin

Ed Roshitsh is the CEO of Brightfin, one of the fastest growing Inc 5000 companies. Ed is also the author of Leadership book Solid Handshake and created an increase of 3 billion in shareholder value for multiple PE Portfolio Companies including  Blackbaud, Vertafore and PointClickCare.

Brightfin were put together by a private equity firm out of Chicago in the peak of the Pandemic. They had a hypothesis about the market and put three separate companies together to create Brightfin who now hold a revenue between 32 and 36 million.

Brightfin are an IT expense management system, they’ve created just one platform to manage your mobile, telecom and cloud investments. Brightfin are the only company in the world that offers company expense management built on top of the service/workflow architecture.

Word of mouth, client referrals and unique products are what Brightfin rely on to market themselves, they are solution led. Frequently referrals turn into clients and their great product almost sells itself too.

A multi-fronted marketing approach that is measurable is essential to building a predictable revenue. If you collect data accurately, focus on the right metrics and reverse engineer, then you can start to build a predictable revenue path.

The world of marketing has changed. You didn’t have all the tools and sophistication of today 20 years ago but you were able to simply call people and reach them.

Brightfin have 10 operating principles that their team all adhere to. This helps create a team that is aligned and working towards the same goals and aspirations.

Resource is a challenge in every company. You don’t have enough resources to do and fix everything you want to. It’s about prioritising what matters right now in the business and focusing on that to drive you forward.


 “You can build a pretty good and predictable revenue path by reverse engineering how much you need of x, y and z”

“Right now the hardest work is to cut through the noise on your website digitally”

“Collaboration and consensus building is what helps us get to the best decisions”

“Bad news should travel faster than good so we can fix it”

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