Why Simplification and Customer Relationships are Key to Creating the Best Digital Solutions: with Doctor Stephen Timme

Join Ryan as he talks to Dr Stephen Timme the founder and president of FinListic Solutions, a top-rated B2B Sales Intelligence Solution. He pioneered ‘Client IQ’, a client and intelligence service and he is also co-author to Insight-Led Selling, a book about adopting an executive mindset, credibility, communication and impact.

They discuss Stephen’s go-to-market strategy, the importance of being relevant to potential buyers, understanding their unique positions and why customer relationships and simplification is key to success in a solution-based business.

Stephen believes in being ‘capital efficient’ and there are a few ways to go about this. Firstly, by showing the financial impact and value of their services via their unique platform Client IQ. Secondly, they ensure that all the relevant goals and departments are broken down into measurable pieces to make them more objective and create success. Thirdly they work with clients and customers to figure out their own unique goals and targets.
It was Stephen’s realisation that at least 30% enterprise sellers were promoting and selling features and functions to clients that they didn’t even want or care about. So he came up with solutions that he knew aligned with the clients own specific goals and strategies.
Getting down to your clients true wants and needs is essential in creating a solution that works for them. Your clients might not even know themselves what that is so it is your job to help them figure it out, from simply looking at what their competitors are doing to just asking the right questions to the right people in the business.
Having in-depth financial knowledge on clients or potential clients is absolutely necessary to be able to provide the right solution for them.
One of the key elements to fact find the necessary information for a client is Stephen’s large and experienced research team. They look at everything, from visibility, clients KPIs, competitors etc so they can gain a wide-reaching and accurate understanding about what solution a company needs. They then put all of this information into an application; it’s customer intelligence automated, meaning the client can then focus on everything else.
One of the challenges at the moment is that there are so many solution providers, it’s a crowded space and market. Differentiating yourself is key, you need to make yourself credible and get yourself noticed.
The future of AI and Machine learning will be in labour. Stephen believes this is where it will start to have the most dramatic and proven impact going forward.


“30% of enterprise sellers are still promoting features and functions that buyers couldn’t care less about, so we pivoted”

“Take off your solution hat and just read up on what people are up to”

“It’s all about them [the clients] not about you”

“Have a plan, it’s that simple, go ahead and set goals”

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