Why Sales and Relationships are MORE Important than the Tech! Speaking with Nikolaus Kimla of CRM System Pipeliner Sales

Why are sales and relationships more important to the success of a CRM company than the tech? Join Ryan whilst he talks about this with Nikolaus Kimla, CEO and founder of Pipeliner Sales CRM.

Nikolaus and his team decided to change what they felt was wrong in the CRM system and focused on relationships and their sales team to achieve this.

Nikolaus and his team came from banking compliance background, they created the biggest banking compliance solution over 15 years ago. They were thinking about what to do next when they went to a conference where they were introduced to pipeline management, Nikolaus loved the concept and then decided to move into the CRM space.

Nikolaus and his team spent some time interviewing potential users and clients and they all said the same thing; CRM sucks. So, Nikolaus set out to create a CRM system that didn’t suck! A system that would work with its users that would also be easy to replace their current systems.

Sales is important to society but it isn’t treated as such. It creates a net positive impact on society and this is something Nikolaus is very positive about which is why he calls sales people ‘SALEPRENEURS’; sales people are the world’s creators and peace producers.

It’s essential to be transparent with your numbers and data for sales people. They need to be working from the same information and data that you have, to give the individual the power and tools to help them sell.

Create a ‘buyer centric’ environment, process and structure in your sales team to make things simple for your people to follow. They need to understand what is expected from them and how they can achieve it. Focus on this and you will know exactly how to support your team to do well.


 “We have taken a completely new approach, we felt there was something totally wrong in the industry”

“Sales has a very big impact across everything in life, a positive one, it creates value”

“Sales people are world’s creator and peace producer”

“At the end it’s the relationships, not the technology”

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