Why Networking Business Relationships Matter | Larry Kaufman

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When you become an entrepreneur, networking becomes extremely important. If you come from the corporate world like I did, the focus is always on revenue. Once you leave the corporate world, you have to focus on networking and it becomes much more important.

The premise of Larry’s book is based on the NCG Factor. 

What is The NCG Factor? A formula for building life changing relationships from college to retirement. When you think about your legacy, it’s important to understand what people are saying about you today, and not only focus on what happens after you are gone.

The difference in the smaller pipeline outperforming the bigger pipeline is relationships.

Larry interviewed people from all walks of life for his book. He examined both the inner circle and outer circle of the people he 

Inner circle – could be as small as 5 people who you rely on.

Outer circle – people you meet along the way 

Position yourself as an indispensable part of their network. When you become indispensable to others, they will open their whole world to you, not just the things that you do in your job.

How can I help you? – ask this question everyday and really mean it. Look for ways you can figure this out in relationships. Ask the question and follow through. Ask only after you learn about the person both personally and professionally.

The way you build relationships is the way that you can help yourself personally and professionally.

Putting others before yourself allows you to ask for favors when you need them.

“If you lead with yourself, you’re going to leave with yourself.” Lead with wanting to learn about the other person.

If you help people help you by identifying the people you want to connect with, then you will have better connections and build deeper relationships.

Larry’s advice for nurturing inner circle relationships at a high level:

  • Assess who your coveted inner circle relationships are.
  • Ask your inner circle who they can introduce you to.
  • Build the relationships before you need them.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of working so hard to hit your goals, and never network outside of your company.

Top networking mistakes:

  1. Not networking and building relationships
  2. Leading a transactional life and not focusing on philanthropy or other aspects of leading a better life.

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