What If Chat GPT Ran a Company? With Joao Ferrao Dos Santos Founder of Underdog Founders

Ryan is joined by Joao in this episode. Joao is currently in the middle of a social experiment, where he has made Chat GPT the CEO, co-founder and creator of a company! He talks to Ryan all about the method to building this experiment including the challenges and what has surprised him along the way. Joao and Ryan also talk about the wider conversation on AI including the effect it may have on various industries as well as the human impact.


  • After seeing the concept of using CHAT GBP to educate on building a business Joao wanted to take things further and that’s when he decided to launch the social experiment with just $1000 and an hour a day.
  • Within two hours Joao had a business plan and angel investor and so posted about what he was doing on LinkedIn: this post now has over 5 million views!
  • Chat GPT and other AI tools are good for getting you to the ‘average’ level in terms of content creation but if you want to excel then you need to differentiate yourself.
  • Remaining authentic and original in his content is important to Joao and so what he focuses on the most is his differentiating elements; a mix of accuracy, humour with some wholesomeness.
  • So many content creators are organically sharing Joao’s story, so they are going to lean into this more by looking to influencer marketing next.
  • AI is a double-edged sword, it will help in so many ways and speed up development in new technology, particularly in healthcare and environmental sectors but there are a lot of unknowns around how it will impact labor.


“Most challenging thing was definitely managing inbound”

“Good copywriters, good storytellers, aren’t losing their job, yet”

“I want to create content that I will respect, I don’t want to use templates to sound like everyone else”

“The story is pretty crazy…we’re probably the craziest fashion label of 2023”

“We are disrupting basically almost everything and the reality is it’s a big double-edged sword”

“Technology is accelerating ahead of our emotions”

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