The 5 Steps to Scale Revenue | Tony Hughes

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There are 5 ways to scale revenue:

1) Get brutally honest about product/market fit. The size of the problem we solve is directly proportional to the size of the sale you will make. Solving valuable problems means your solution is worth more money.

2) Develop your Ideal Customer Profile based on your product/market fit. The biggest constraint in sales is the amount of time and resources you have to dedicate to finding your ideal customer.

Firmographics – industry, size of company, revenue amount

Psychographics – defensive, proactive, 

Technographics – are you displacing technology or replicating technology, etc.

A trigger event is something that happens in the buyer’s world that creates a need. It could be an acquisition, a merger, a buyout, a new hire, etc.

3) Define your buyer personas – including a trigger event. 

4) Know your conversation narrative. Create a buyer persona centric narrative.

5) Drive the right concurrent combinations – use outbound to drive inbound and then get right back to the pattern interrupt.

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