Resilience Plus Persistence Equals Success – with Arjun Lall

Ryan talks to Arjun Lall, the co-founder of Rocket, a next-gen recruiting agency powered by machine learning, and Hireflow, which accelerates outbound recruiting so you fill your roles.

Arjun talks about the ways in which he has helped companies to dynamically grow their teams and strengthen their offerings, how machine learning can play a part in identifying strong candidates, and the story of his company’s incredible success and how they achieved it.

No ideal candidate was ever found by using a piece of computer code. Ultimately, the human touch is always needed. But machine learning and software can streamline the process.
Bumps in the road are to be expected when it comes to your business journey. What matters is that the main trajectory continues to grow and rise.
Resilience and persistence are the key. Fear can be a good motivator in pushing us forward, but what matters is that we pick ourselves up when the challenges stop us in our tracks.


‘Our business is built around combining some really interesting technology to help companies better identify candidates who are a good fit for them’

‘Ultimately you join a company through the way it makes you feel’

‘There is always a win-state’

‘I don’t fear failure’


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