Pioneering a Community-Based Go-To-Market Strategy with Patrick Woods of Orbit

Patrick Woods is the founder and CEO of Orbit, a platform that uses the power of data and API to pioneer a unique go-to-market model, with clients ranging from big tech companies to Patreon clients to those in the Web3 Space. He talks to Ryan in this episode all about the incredible tech they have built, why a community can create value across an entire company and how he has leveraged his consulting experience to build an innovative SaaS-based product.


  • Word of mouth and direct and organic inbound leads are what largely drive Orbit’s growth
  • Orbit is for community-based companies, it aids them in centralising their activity across channels so they can get the full data of a customer’s journey.
  • When a company recognises the value in its community, it can begin to measure a variety of metrics including reach, conversion and what Orbit call ‘love’.
  • ‘Love’ is an Orbit metric that focuses on a customers frequency and quality, measuring and scoring their engagement and
  • Aiding their clients with Data, using Orbit means sales teams gain a much higher conversion rate as they can target the right people with the right information.
  • Orbit is focused on creating value first which is why they offer three different tiers of service.
  • Orbit’s number one strategy to grow its revenue is what further value it can create for its community. This mindset has so far worked very well for them, simply answering and solving their problems.


 “With Orbit, you can see that journey end to end and on an individual level”

“An active community de-risks every other part of the business”

“When you are building a community you want to understand who has been active lately”

“It’s important for us to create value first”

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