Outsourcing Your Biggest Tech Problem – with Distro founder Chad Ingram

Ryan is joined by Chad Ingram, CEO and founder of Distro, a platform where you can find, hire and pay remote developers. Chad talks about why he created Distro and how it solves one of the biggest problems in tech. The three-time founder also shares his philosophical and tactical takeaways from his experience in business.


  • Distro is primarily product-focused, they are trying to make the balance between this and acquiring new customers, without compromising on quality.
  • Previously you could either pay developers more money to retain them or you could contract a Dev shop to build your product. Distro created a third option for businesses.
  • Distro is Chad’s third founding company, previous to this he created both an employee benefits platform (Beny) and a customer engagement company (Jump).
  • After discovering how much he spent on Dev in his previous company and recognising how easily and frequently developers would move jobs, Chad was inspired to create a better solution. This is why he founded Distro.
  • It’s been the norm in recent years to brag about headcount, the bigger the number the better in some cases. However, Chad predicts this is beginning to change, due to a lack of talent and a downturn in Capital.
  • Companies are getting more creative about alternatives in hiring and building companies, particularly in roles and positions that they would have only considered as in-house staff previously.
  • You can solve most problems with capital but when you do so, you aren’t using your entrepreneurship skills and finding alternative solutions.
  • Being clear on your company values and it’s mission creates a clear path to enable growth.
  • To scale a company, you have to continue to do the ‘hard things’, over and over again.


 “With Distro, we created an alternative to hiring a dev shop”

“Being a SaaS business the majority of the expense on the P & L was headcount”

“There’s just not as much talent now to meet the demand of these growing tech companies”

“How we behave are our core values”

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