Make a Product So Good People Think it is Fake! How AI is Changing Business with Piotr Surma

Ryan’s guest on this episode is Piotr Surma. Piotr is a serial start-up founder and AI enthusiast who has a long relationship with tech that includes HP & Nokia along the way. Piotr is the founder CEO of the no code platform Applica, a platform so good that people initially thought it was fake! The proprietary AI automates text-intensive work by extracting meaning from unstructured and semi-structured documents and takes the tedium out of doing the paperwork.


Having a product with a USP is one thing, but being so different to anything else has so many disadvantages when it comes to actually selling it that there may even be reasons why there’s nothing else like it. 
Competition is always a healthy thing. It pushes innovation that in turn creates growth.
In the tech industries, research and development is the most valuable thing, but also the highest risk and expensive too.
Creating a trust in AI is probably one of the most difficult tasks facing tech companies at the moment. Have the sales team that knows how to translate the products and platforms to customers in an understandable way.  



‘We realized that system integrators are doomed to slow, organic growth rather than exponential growth.’

‘I would be a little afraid of being in a category that’s totally empty because it might suggest that there is no need for such a product.’

‘I think that the success that we see has something to do with our way we cut through the noise.’

‘The most important part of our go to market was looking for the right people.’

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