Leveraging Data to Hack the Modern Marketing Paradigm: with Chris Marentis of Surefire Local

Right from the beginning of founding Surefire Local, CEO and founder Chris, had a dream; that using big data would solve the complexity of marketing in an internet based world for small-businesses. He went onto create Surefire Local, an ad-software company that simplifies data marketing, so the business owner can focus on what they do best and leave the complex world of modern marketing to great technology.  

Listen in to this episode with Chris and Ryan to learn all about how Chris built Surefire Local, the details of what they do there and what has cultivated its success.

The vastness of ‘web 2.0’ and the multi-channel omnipresence of marketing has created the modern marketing paradigm. It has both made things easier yet more complex, often overwhelming businesses, and this is the problem Surefire Local look to solve by leveraging data.
Surefire Local integrate their software to work in the way their clients conduct business. Having the right software, in the right place in the customer journey solves a lot of problems.
The DNA within Surefire Local is for small businesses to have the right tools to gain the control they both want and need to scale a successful business. Chris knew that if these small businesses took control over the multiple channels and avenues available to them in this web-focused world, and then had consistent structured data built into it too, then marketing and business success would almost be inevitable.
Being able to tangibly show what outcomes you can create for a customer makes all the difference when pitching to them. If they can fully understand what it is you can do for them then of course they will be more engaged and want to work with you. Surefire Local create and build structured data for clients so they can do exactly this, including highlighting how customers interact with specific businesses.
The next steps for Surefire Local is to build bigger systems to deal with the exponential growth and scale they are seeing. It’s a good problem to have but something Chris can’t wait to start looking at and implementing.
A lot of people become obsessed with looking at the competition. When you focus so much on competition you will always feel ‘less than. Surefire Local have never looked at the competition, instead focusing on what it is they are doing which is why they have ended up with the best product; there is nobody doing what they are doing in their space.


“What I’d encourage all those entrepreneurs out there to do is to never settle”

“What we do is make it super simple and have customer success built in a way that guides”

“When you have a lot of humans involved, especially at that level, there’s lots of room for error”

“We think very hard about the customer journey and making it congruent”

“Elon Musk is sort of my idol”

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