I Sold Zoom Their Domain Name! Speaking with Andrew Rosener of Domain Brokerage Media Options

Andrew Rosener is the founder and CEO of the number one media domain brokerage in the world, Media Options. He is also the co-founder of the first NFT-based music group Ape-In Productions.

He joins Ryan in this episode of the show to talk all about the power of a good domain name, how he grew Media Options so quickly, why building a successful business is all about hard work and the future of the internet!

Media Options is 100% sales led but Andrew believes this is only possible because of the high calibre and quality of the product. They focus on the top 2% of domain names and this allows them to find and work with high value clients.

Media Options have a split, between domain names they own and the brokerage side of the business.
It was 2008, Andrew had 300k in savings and he had been collecting domain names since the 90’s. He decided to give the concept of Media Options a go, the first year was a challenge but by year 2 they started to really build something. They relied heavily on selling domain names at the start to get cashflow and Andrew admits there was no secret to success; it was simply hard work and will power.

Andrew has been ‘first’ and ‘early’ in a lot of things in his life. Based on his instinct he has predicted the outcomes of Covid, bitcoin and now the next part of the internet. He says this is down to practicing listening to and honing in on his instincts.

Due to the nature of the business, Andrew believes there weren’t too many things they could do to counter-act the effect of Covid. He puts the success throughout this trying time down to the amount of high achievers he had in the company and the expertise and history they had in the domain-space.

Networking helped Media Options with their fast growth. Andrew had his own network he had been building for years but he and his team also reached out to previous clients and customers to gain more business; relying on referrals and word-of-mouth.

All companies should have a systemised referral process.
A great domain instils trust to the customer or client. A domain name is all about this trust and creating a smooth experience.

Andrew sees the future of the internet as sophistication. In 10 years it’s predicted 90% of the world will be online and will the developments in software he believes that we will move away from the ad-centric internet age we are currently in and move into the next phase; opening up endless opportunities for a more dynamic place.


“We have the lion’s share of the market on high value domain names”

“It took pounding the pavement, dialling for dollars, hundreds of emails a day, just grinding to make it work”

“We sold Zoom their Domain name!”

“Trust is literally the oil that makes the world go round…it lubricates the gears of commerce”

“Domain names are all about creating a smooth experience for your customer”

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