How to Leverage Neuroscience for Sales Success | Bill Strogis of Trax Technologies

Ryan speaks with Bill Strogis, CRO of Trax Technologies with a wealth of experience in enterprise software sales. Together, they dive deep into the mind of buyers, uncovering the predictable patterns that drive purchasing decisions. Bill shares his unique perspective on the biggest mistakes companies make in sales and provides hyper-tactical advice for growing your business like a VC-backed company without losing your freedom.

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  • Aligning your sales process with how buyers make decisions can give you a significant advantage over competitors who rely on outdated practices.
  • Leveraging the neuroscience of buyer behaviour can help you create a sales motion that is aligned with the buyer’s journey, increasing your chances of success.
  • Creating a customer engagement model that outlines what both parties need from each other can help build trust and prevent misalignments later in the sales process.
  • Effective selling is about having meaningful conversations that create intrigue and get buyers to rethink how they want to solve their problems, ultimately leading them to see the unique value your solution provides.
  • Building a truly profitable, sustainable, and durable business requires doing things the hard way, focusing on excellence and effectiveness rather than volume.
  • Sellers often make the mistake of assuming buyers know exactly what they need and how to buy it, when in reality, buyers rarely evaluate software for a living.
  • Educating buyers with all the information upfront is ineffective. Instead, focus on creating intrigue and getting them to rethink how they want to solve their problems.
  • An analytical, engineering-like approach to building a sales motion, considering variables and objectives, is essential for enterprise selling success.


I don’t want to talk to 50 people in a week when 49 of them can’t buy my software, right, or don’t have the capacity to.”

“Every time you get asked for something, you should ask for something in return. And you’ve created this dance where you’re starting to get really good at negotiating without it being an overt negotiation.”

“Buyer behaviour is a fairly predictable thing. Most people go through the same things and they ask themselves the same whys, why should I do this? Why should I do it now? Why you like those things are fairly predictable if you understand them.”

“It’s hard to get somebody who’s not paying attention to pay attention. It’s not an easy thing.”

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