How to Build a 30k Strong Community in 2 Years with Jared Robin

Second-time guest and CEO of RevGenius, Jared Robin, joins Ryan to talk about the biggest mistake people make in building communities and why the industry is underserved as well as the opportunities to be found via referrals and word of mouth in all industries. He also talks about his mission to bring inspiration and creativity to all the spaces RevGenius are in.


  • Ryan met Jared during the pandemic in a transitional time for Jared in particular.
  • The primary go-to-market strategy going into the next year for RevGenius will be focused on media, sponsorship, and how to gain more reoccurring revenue.
  • As a founder, you can’t do everything forever. You need to accept there are people out there that can do certain things better than you if you want to grow.
  • Focusing on hiring people who are better than you, helps you strive to become a better company through experience, ideas and operationally too.
  • Due to the rise of social media in branding, there is a ceiling to what clients are willing to pay for marketing and also high expectations.
  • The best founders are those who are the most humble, this is what Jared has seen time and time again.
  • Jared doesn’t regret the mistakes he has made on his business journey, he learnt the most by fixing them.
  • The biggest hack for building a community is to do it full-time. Everyone else is doing it as a side project.


 “I’m not as effective as someone else can be, no matter what my ego wants to tell me”

“Bring word of mouth, to the light”

“A lot of the SaaS CEOs I have had on the show are serial”

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