How Great Leaders Manage Anxiety | Mark Metry (Part 2)

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Today’s episode is part 2 of the interview with Mark Metry. We pick up with Mark explaining that the gut microbiome has so much to do with how we handle stress and anxiety because of the Gaba neurotransmitter that is manufactured in the gut. 

Gaba helps regulate your feeling of calm. If you’ve ever been around someone that is constantly anxious and restless and can never really settle down into a place of calm, they probably have a problem with the Gaba neurotransmitter.

All neurotransmitters are made out of the same chemical compound, which is called amino acids. Amino acids aren’t something that your body creates, you have to get them from the food that you eat. 

Mark’s formula for healing your brain:
Fix your nutrition – To change your stress and anxiety levels, you have to start with food.

The food you eat gets used by your brain to rebuild your neurotransmitters. These amino acids become the build blocks for rebuilding your brain.

What kind of food should you primarily be eating? 
Healthy sources of dietary fat – eggs nuts, red meat, avocados, 
When you eat the standard American diet, full of processed and junk foods, it literally decreases the brain’s ability to utilize the healthy foods you feed it.
Experiment with mindfulness meditation.
Take healthy supplements.
Fix your sleep.

Then your brain will begin to slowly calm down and heal. 

Then you can use that as a bridge to:
Create new healthy habits.
Begin to read, etc.

You have to address the brain first and get that in order, then bring the body in sync with the brain.

Supplements for Brain Health:
Omega 3 fatty acids
Vitamin D
Magnesium L-Threonate – for sleep and anxiety issues
Gaba supplement – for anxiety and calming yourself down

Ryan likes to take Udo’s oil – it’s an essential omega 3-6-9 stack and it’s mainly derived from plants.

Wondering how coffee affects your mental health? 

Mark says coffee is a powerful medicine that has been misused by modern society. Mark’s tips to keeping coffee in a proper role in our lives:
Don’t grab coffee first thing out of bed. Hydrate first and eat breakfast. Go for a walk and give your body a chance to acclimate before you hit it with coffee.
Based on studies, smaller cups of coffee throughout the day are much better for your body than huge amounts less frequently.
If you have anxiety, your brain may process caffeine differently, so consider adding a fat to your coffee to give you brain a chance at processing it better.


Alcohol can be a bit of a wild card in terms of social anxiety. Many who struggle with social anxiety also struggle with substance abuse because it can ease the social anxiety.

Alcohol drains your neurotransmitters and your brain borrows it for the next day, which makes the next day horrible.

Mark doesn’t use alcohol at social functions because he wants to give his brain practice at handling social situations. 

You want to avoid using alcohol as a medicine to be “yourself”. 

Mark’s Guide to Supplements

Noowave Coffee

OliPop- an alternative to soda


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